I have only used this WiFi thermometer approx. 6 times over a 2-year period. There's nothing wrong with it; it's just not something I use frequently enough. Selling for $100 (thermometer and accessories were purchased for $200+.)

If interested, call or text John at 913.908.1795

For more info, visit: https://tappecue.freshdesk.com/suppo...rs/13000011135

Comes with:
1) Tappecue unit with magnets on back to attach to smoker/grill
2) Power supply
3) USB cord
4) Four Extra Care temperature probes*
5) One pit probe with clip
6) Mounting Bracket
6) Free mobile apps for iOS and Android Devices

*Professional-grade, Extra Care Probes. Highly durable, water-resistant, and color-coded, the Extra Care Probes are twice the strength. Tested for high humidity environments, these probes will last the test of time in the most humid smokers.