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Thread: Height from grate surface to charcoal for grilling?

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    Height from grate surface to charcoal for grilling?

    Does Weber build their charcoal grills have a standard height from the grate surface to the charcoal?

    I ask as I use a poor man's version of my 18" WSM to do any charcoal grilling. I do this buy dumping a lit chimney of charcoal into the bottom of the WSM as per usual, then just place my cooking grate over the basket rim. It works, enough that I don't feel I need to buy an additional charcoal grill, but i sometimes wonder if my distance from the charcoal isn't ideal for grilling. That said, I'm not sure what ideal is either....

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    It depends on how much heat you want and the meat you're grilling.

    With a Kettle, you can get charcoal closer to the grate by using the baskets, its variable.

    I use my Smokey Joe to sear steaks, fill it with charcoal to where its right under the cooking grill, and I use my Weber Gourmet Searing Grate on top of the SJ grill.

    Or go caveman, and put your steak right on the lump charcoal
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    Grate to grate on a Weber kettle is 5"

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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    18" WSM is the best choice for doing charcoal grilling, imho.

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