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Thread: Thermometer probe location.

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    Thermometer probe location.

    Where is the best place to put the probe while smoking? My first 2 smokes i just slid it into the little hole in the grommet and kept the smoker at around 230. Is that acceptable? My lid thermometer is stuck at 175 so i will order a new one soon

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    I recently started using the two probe Thermoworks Smoke and found I can wrangle two probes thru the slit in the silicone grommet on my 18.5 WSM.

    The whole bulb at the probe to cable connection will push thru. This may not work with some units.
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    I use the grommet hole for my probes, seems like a good place for a temperature reading.
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    I have a 22 that I purchased new before Weber came out with the grommet so I cut a small slot in the lid to accommodate my Maverick wires. I recently purchased a 14 that has the grommet and can say, with confidence, that I don't like it and will slot the lid. Problem as I see it is, if you want the probes (meat and Bbq temp) on top, you need to thread them up through the top grate. Then, if you want to do something on the bottom grate, i.e. check meat temps the probe cables just get in the way and complicate things. Just my 2 cents.

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    I like to attach my pit probe directly to the top cooking grate considering that is where the meat is located. I use this clip from Thermoworks.
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