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    Genesis Cover

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to see what covers everyone is using to cover their older Genesis? I just rehab a 2000. Thanks
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    I personally like the new Weber covers, but I don't think any that they make now will fit the elongated cart on the older grills. Some people here really like King Kong. They are definitely tough, but if you are in a wet climate they are kind of rubbery and will hold moisture inside. That's why a I like the new Weber ones because here is ultra-damp Florida they breathe and let the moisture out.

    Well, correction, here is a nice Weber cover like I have on my Skyline. It is also easy to take off and put on, but not inexpensive:

    Here is a much cheaper alternative. No direct experience, but for the price you could buy three!

    Here is a middle of the road solution that I have not used myself but would have some confidence in:
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    I've got several King Kong covers. Very well made durable covers so far, but as Jon says they don't breathe as well as the old Weber covers Ive had with the screen vent. Very good bang for the buck though

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    I was able to source and original brand new cover for my Silver C on ebay last year. Part number #9859. Occasionally they still show up. Very heavy duty and it is the old style with the ventilation slots in the front and back. I think the follow up model from this is the #7552. But not as thick and sturdy and no ventilation slots. King Kong makes one too.
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    Have had good luck with the Classic Accessories covers from Amazon for patio furniture and decided to try out their Ravenna line of grill covers (size Medium). Fits well, includes straps to secure the cover to the frame, and adjustable cords to tighten everything up.

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    Jon B: That looks like a good cover with the vents. I bought a King Kong for mine as they got good reviews by members over the past couple years. I had it on for a week and gave it away to a buddy. They are rubbery and have no venting. There was that white oxidation or whatever all over the grill when I took it off after a week or so. Clearly holding in moisture.
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