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Thread: Match lighting charcoal is nasty....

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    Match lighting charcoal is nasty....

    With one of my recent used kettle purchases came a bag of match lighting charcoal. I never used that stuff and just smelling at the bag is nasty. Do people really like to grill with that stuff??? It is disgusting. I might use it up for my dutch ovens where it does not get in touch with the food but I would never ever grill food with it.
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    I used to love the light the bag stuff when I didn't know any better. Yeah, that stuff is pretty nasty though but I bet if you let it get good and lit, it burns most of it off.
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    I guess it might be useful if you used just a few briquettes as fire starter cubes for lighting a chimney, but that would be about it.
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    Can't stand the smell. I've never used them.
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    Smells and tastes like charcoal starter fluid. Bought a bag once ages ago, just before I discovered the chimneys.

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    I used to use it back in the day. My uneducated palette never knew the difference. But then again, I'd let it fully ash over before Grilling. Would I use it nowadays? Nope.

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