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Thread: Wings for a comp

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    Wings for a comp

    Hello all, curious if any of you have done wings in a comp. Doing the Hartford Rib off, first day we turn in Steak and wings. Trying to figure out what the judges are looking for. Thank you in advance for your input.
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    What are your favorite wings? Do you have a vortex?

    I wonder if you should go traditional (franks/butter), smoke & bbq, Raspberry/Chipotle sounds good to me and might be a nice contrast.

    I <3 Jerk wings, they might do well, I don't think Teriyaki would go over.........but ?
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    I'd say practice with flavors (rubs and sauces) but one thing I was always told...they need to "have some HEAT to compete." Not crazy spicy, but don't go just smoky/salty or strictly sweet.
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    This judge likes a little heat, a little sweet!

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