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Thread: Good day ! Greetings from Anchorage

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    Good day ! Greetings from Anchorage

    Hi all - I've been grilling and BBQ'ing for quite a while now - started on a smoky joe, graduated to a full size kettle then to a Master touch kettle until I found the joy of gas with a freebie Genesis Silver C I rehab'd before moving to Anchorage a couple years ago and now I'm trying to rehab a freebie Spirit 500.
    More of a dry rub kind of bbq'er than a wet sauce guy but love experimenting with new recipes.

    looking forward to seeing what this group is all about .

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    Welcome, Jon! Thanks for introducing yourself; we look forward to hearing about your rehab and seeing your cooks.

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    I blundered on to this site about a year ago looking for info on the WSM and stayed for the recipes.
    Smokin' away in AK
    22" Red Kettle 2x18.5" Smokey Mountain Genesis Silver B Green

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