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Thread: Bourbon Bacon

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    I don't want to hijack Eric's thread, but as a side note I was very happy with my first attempt at bacon.
    The Bourbon maple syrup added a nice flavor. I already had some Praque powder #1 so I followed Meatheads maple bacon thread.
    I've read threads that some have found the first attempt as too salty. I'm happy to say that wasn't my case.

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    Go for it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by E Mann View Post
    Just did my first batch of bacon and Im never going back to store bought! Next round, Id like to do a bourbon brown sugar. Can I put the bourbon in with the cure or will then screw up the chemicals reactions?

    I have done bourbon bacon many times and I just mix it in with the rest of the cure stuff.
    Brown sugar works great and so does honey. I also liked using honey whiskey (pick your favorite brand) I'm sort of thinking of trying it with some FireBall whiskey.

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