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Thread: Do you guyst think this one has any potential?

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    Greg the 2nd generation came in 2 styles unrelated to the whether it was a Platinum or not. Apparently some here have reported that they have seen or owned 2 gen Summits with plain porcelain steel fireboxes. However what may have been a running production change some have again sheet metal fireboxes but there are many that have a stainless steel insert in the front panel to combat the rust out issue of the 1st gen. However it's also become apparent that perhaps the 3rd gen dropped that improvement. So, I guess it's luck of the draw

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    Interesting. Thanks for the info. It's just baffling to me that Weber even way back then went to so much trouble to make the genesis line so solid and reliable but they didn't do the same for their pricier summit line.

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