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Thread: What I found at Sam's

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    We love Costco, we get our gas there it's always the cheapest in town and propane is always about $7.50 for a 20# bottle. Pork bellies, BB ribs and coffee are some of our staples. The only thing that upsets me is Sam's Club went belly up here and their customers migrated to Costco and the place is absolutely packed now. Parking is a nightmare.
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    I was going to chime in with pretty much what Chris was saying. I know they treat their employees much better than Sam's and if we had a Costco I'd be all over it. Our Sam's just started carrying prime brisket so I might renew my membership for that reason alone. Back when I had a membership before, it was the only place to reliably get choice. My butcher carries a much higher quality prime but also at a higher cost.
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    OKC is getting our first Costco , its gonna open in April. Even if its on the other side of town from me and 30 minute drive, I'm anxious to see what they've got.

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    We have 3 Costco's in our area, the closest is about 20 minutes away.
    We pay for membership fees with rewards using the Citi card for their gas, store, and a few other places, with money left over.
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    Reading about how they treat employees is what took us there, their meats alone would keep us there.

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    My kids go through two gallons of milk from Costco weekly 😂

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    We've been using Aldi's for milk (specifically we buy the little guy organic whole milk). Aldi has the best price around

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