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Thread: Banditos BBQ Santa Maria Style attachment for Weber kettles

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    Banditos BBQ Santa Maria Style attachment for Weber kettles

    On January 26, while judging barbecue at The Golden State Battle in Santa Ynez, CA, I had the pleasure of meeting Pablo Aguirre, owner of Precision Machine in San Luis Obispo. He's the maker of the Banditos BBQ Santa Maria Style attachment for Weber kettles. There are several of these attachments out there, but the one from Banditos BBQ is 100% commercial grade stainless steel so it will last as long as your Weber kettle! $249 at

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    Looks really nice!
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    Thanks for sharing. I have one from another vendor and I LOVE using it... it is a real treat to use.

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    Haven't seen this model until viewing it here. Like BFletcher above, I purchased a "Santa Maria" style unit a couple of years ago and use it regularly. I love it and I see some features in the Banditos system that I really like as well, mainly the stainless steel grate. It appears that the grate also lifts out of the circular frame as well. I purchased my system from Gabby's Grills. One advantage I see in Gabby unit is the mounting. I prefer the circular attachment that spreads the weight of the unit over the entire circumference of the kettle, rather than the two point of attachment of the Banditos assembly. Also, I can easily lift my unit off without having to unscrew mounts. Regardless, they are both sharp looking, well made systems. A good way to broaden your grilling experience. Thanks Chris.

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