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Thread: CyberQ WiFi vs CyberQ Cloud upgrade worth it?

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    CyberQ WiFi vs CyberQ Cloud vs Fireboard upgrade worth it?

    Hey all,

    I currently have a CyberQ WiFi that Iíve had for a few years. It still runs great, but Iíve see the new CyberQ Cloud model as well as The FireBoard with the drive fan and am curious if anyone has upgraded from the older model or has any experience as to whether itís worth the upgrade? The older one is a bit of a pain to connect to home internet to take full advantage of it and the interface is pretty plain. I also wish that it was weather proof in case we ever got an overnight shower while Iím cooking. However, I donít care at all about the social aspect of sharing my cooks and donít plan to use that regardless. Iíll be using it on a 22.5 WSM and a Kamado Joe Big Joe.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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