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Thread: Hello From SoCal

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    Hello From SoCal


    I've been a long time user of this forum and TVWBB and finally figured it was time to post up. For years I'd taken a break from forums for various reasons but have always loved this site, the knowledge, the sharing, and the "feel" of the community.

    I currently have an 18" WSM, two Weber 22" kettles, and a Smokey Joe.

    But I was getting a little discouraged in cooking outside by not having a gas option available. We had replaced parts on the Viking twice in the 20 years we've owned it - esentially buying the grill again because of the high price of parts. I enjoyed this grill, but couldn't justify it again.

    I always felt like I was wasting charcoal if I was only cooking a few burgers or wings. I tried to recycle as much as I could but was quickly getting in a grilling rut.

    Last week I received an unexpected holiday bonus at work, so we decided to buy a grill.

    After looking around, I ordered a Weber Genesis II SE-410. It's a 2018 model that I bought online and got a great deal on - free freight - found a couple coupons, etc.

    I already bought the Weber griddle insert already. The family has asked that we christen the new grill by making burgers. Who am I to argue?

    I've already have 4 meals planned this week for the grills and smoker. Burgers, short ribs, pulled pork and hot wings.

    Looking forward to getting outside and cooking more now that I've been reinvigorated!

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    Finally Darrell.... Welcome to the forum!
    Living a dream in
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    Welcome Darrell, looking forward to seeing your cooks. Have fun and where are you in SoCal. Rich and I lived in Lake Forest for 28 years and still have kids there.
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