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Thread: Problem with big flame at end of middle burner of a Q3200 gas grill

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    Problem with big flame at end of middle burner of a Q3200 gas grill

    I bid on and won a Q3200 gas grill at a charity auction about 3 yrs ago. I love it but lately I have noticed a very big gas flame at the far ( away from the control dials) of the middle burner where there is a slit rather than a hole in the burner. The flame comes up as high as the grate. Any suggestions as to the problem or solution? Thanks

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    If the burner tube has a crack in it then it's shot. The good news is that replacements are not too expensive, and they aren't hard to replace.

    There are cheaper or more expensive options, this is just one I found with a quick search.

    Considering the Q 3200 is a $400 grill it's definitely worth fixing.

    You can probably find a video of the process on YouTube.

    O, and welcome aboard.

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    Yep most likely burner is cracked. However don't discount that perhaps the burners just need cleaning. There could be some clogged ports causing the burner to not flow correctly

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    Here is a significantly less expensive option to replace your burners. I have used many aftermarket brand burners on my personal and rehab Genesis grills with great results. I think the savings is worth a shot:

    I havent replaced burners in any of my personal or rehab Q grills for a Looong time, but if I needed a new set, I would go with these or another much cheaper brand than the Weber brand. Like mentioned above, the actual replacement of them is extremely easy.
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