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Thread: 2001 Silver B Burner hold-down screws

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    2001 Silver B Burner hold-down screws

    On inside left of the fire box 2 screws appear to hold the burners down. If I can't remove/replace, then what? Leave as is?

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    Those screws are simply brackets for the burners. They are not meant to be removed.
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    These screws are just for guidance and the burners are supposed to slide in and out underneath. They are normally rusted tight since the screw is not made of SS. Do not try to remove them. They will break off and then you have "nice" job on your hands drilling out the reminder of that screw.
    If you wobble the burners a little they should slide out underneath. If noy you can take a flat head screw driver and and push the burner away from the left side wall.
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    Yeah, don’t try to take them out. They have a rib in them that the burner slides into, like a squished hourglass. They are guides, not fasteners.
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    I got lucky few times but other times no. I guess Weber did not expect for their grills to last this long. I replaced all burner screws with SS for the screws that came out, the screws that did not just slowly pulled the burner out. I then cleaned the area with solvent then put the new burner in.

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