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Thread: Greetings from Nebraska Cornhusker country

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    Smile Greetings from Nebraska Cornhusker country

    Stumbled on this site while looking for refurb information for my 2001 Silver B. Grill is still in great shape but gets a little TLC this spring to fix some rust spots, repaint the grill lid and cooking box, and replace some internal parts. Would love to have a new Weber, but wife says "if it still works, use it until it's a pile of rust." Shoot, with Weber grills that's not going to happen. Need some recommendations for paint for the lid/cooking box and paint to use for the frame. We grill all year unless it's too cold for the propane to flow. You name it, it gets grilled (except for eggplant). Lots and lots of beef.
    Terry Lucas
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    Welcome! I would say some high temp spray paint should be sufficient after you clean the rust off. And as far as the smoker goes, well maybe buy one while she is away and have something tasty cooked for her when she gets back. Easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Also you may want check out the mini WSM. There is a whole thread devoted to it on here and lots of videos on youtube. You can make your own with a 14" or 18" weber kettle and a stock pot.

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    Welcome new guys. T Lucas, tons of info here>>>>>>
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