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Thread: First grill for 2019

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    OH, OK, I was assuming it was a Silver B/C box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Bee View Post
    Thanks for the kind comments folks.

    Bruce, so those frames do support the 1000 firebox/manifold/control plate combo because I believe that's the same frame that Jeff MA has his on his Genesis Platinum II series grill so no frame mod needed. I suspect now that the firebox/manifold that originally came with this grill should fit the 3000 frame and that's what I will give to my brother (5 bar). Keep in mind that this 5 bar box is not the same size as the Silver B/C box as the bar size is 23 5/16" in. long. Here are the bars for that box...!-1:rk:44:pf:0

    That's pretty interesting. I didn't realize there was an earlier version of the 5 bar grill (I assume it is earlier). I was wondering the same thing as Bruce. I am glad it worked out so well, because that IS a really sweet looking grill!
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    Ya Jon, I think this particular box was made only for the Gold and Platinum Genesis grills (someone correct me if I'm wrong)...I'm guessing early 2000s and had a very short run. This box does look like the deep firebox just like the 1000 but in a 5 bar configuration. I did a measurement of both boxes and it the 1000 firebox is about an inch deeper than the 5 bar one.
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