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Thread: Low Gas Flow Solved

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    Low Gas Flow Solved

    I fired up my Weber Q, after not using it for several months, only to discover it had a low gas flow. I tried to "reset" the regulator with no success. So, I took apart the regulator and blew out the oil, cleaned the venturi, made sure the air mixture screen and burner holes were clean and what I discovered, while cleaning the regulator, was that the gas control knob was sticking. To engage the control knob you need to push in and turn--it then returns to the "out" position for lighting the propane--mine wasn't. After ensuring that the knob returned to the "out" position I had full flame. If you can turn on the grill and turn it off without pushing in the control knob you won't have full gas flow. Something to think about.

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    Good to know and thanks for sharing.

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