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    Cool Need some insight

    Hi Guys. So I need some assistance. Couple issues going on with my Heatermeter. Th first is this. And I feel like it should be a setting somewhere. When I have my Heatermeter set up, say I have a target point at 225. The fan will be blowing at 90% when it is at 220 degrees. Which seems way to high when so close to set point. Now. I can disconnect the power and restart system. The fan will then drop to 10% or so, which makes more sense. Second issue, I have a hell of a time keeping my App connected to the Heatermeter. That may be a setting on my router or something. I do have the app on both my phone and tablet. Today, it connected with my tablet just fine. Then it lost connection. I can however type in the HM IP address and pull it up with no issue. I am not super awesome at computers, but i Know enough to be dangerous. Thanks is advance!! Happy New Year!!

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    When you unplug and replug the HeaterMeter, you're resetting the its memory of how the fire is behaving. There are two critical pieces of information which accumulate as it is running that would be reset, the current trend and how much power is needed as a baseline to maintain temperature.

    -- If you're at 220F and the temperature is dropping, HeaterMeter is adding output to attempt to stop the temperature from going down. This is the "D" PID value. It does the same thing in the opposite direction if the temperature is climbing, trying to prevent overshoot.
    -- If you're at 220F and the temperature is just hanging there, HeaterMeter is adding output to attempt to zero out that offset. That is, if the temperature is bang-on 225F, the output isn't going to be 0% because it needs some amount of airflow to maintain cooking temperature. HeaterMeter attempts to find this value by adding a teensy amount of output (0.02%/degree) every second until it finds the proper value needed to maintain the temperature. This is the "I" PID value.

    When you reset the controller, I and D are 0, so the 10% comes entirely from the "P" PID value (which is also included in your 90%). This value will grow or shrink as the I and D values return to their running sums. If you're running Safari, Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browser (anything but IE or Edge I believe) then if you're logged in, you can hit the letter "P" on the keyboard to bring up PID information and see which value (the I or the D) is generating your 90% output and adjust your PID constant appropriately in the configuration.

    I've never used the app really, I'd recommend just using a web browser on your mobile device. What does the app do that you can't do from the webui?
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