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Thread: Greetings from Beantown-Metro West

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    Greetings from Beantown-Metro West

    Hi All,

    Discovered this forum less than a year ago, been lurking and posted a couple of times. DW bought me a WSM 18 on my last birthday, did my first few cooks in the cold and snow. Always a blast. Getting pretty good at ribs, butts, chuck roasts. DW prefers beef short ribs -I do too, but they're so expensive here. I bough and froze a few turkey breasts last month, so will try one of those next.

    Keeping it short and sweet here. Now I'll go grab me a cold one and meet you by the pit.

    Charlie -Stow, MA

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    Welcome aboard, Charlie! Sounds like got this smokin' thing down pat. Never had beef short ribs. The ones sold around here are very small and far too expensive. Shoot a few pics of some of your cooks and share them in the Photo Gallery. I think I will grab a cold one as well!
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