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Thread: Shelf-Stable Corn on the Cob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint View Post
    How do you do that? Just strip off the cob, vac bag, & freeze?
    Blanch it, dunk it in cold ice water to stop the cooking.

    Use a device like this to cut it off the cob.

    Bag it in freezer bags then freeze.

    Usually when we are done we take the left over juice and put it in the bags of corn with maybe a hair extra water. That way the corn isn't sitting dry in a bag. Try to get all the air out before you zip the bag up all the way.

    Use a big turkey fryer to boil your ears, and a large storage tote full of cold water to cool them off. Then do your cutting in a roaster pan of some sort that way you can contain all the kernels and juice. Or a shallow sided tote works too.
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    You know I'd like to do frozen Corn on the Cob (whole), but the last time I tried it I was disappointed.
    Any tips?

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    I have done it. I have tried it 2 ways. Simply cleaning and freezing it both in the husk and out of the husk (many here remember my love of cooking it the way God intended in it's own "blanket" and on the grill), and out of the husk but "blanched". First blanch not blanched I saw or tasted no difference in the product. Relatively "mushy" corn on cob was result. Frozen in husk. Less mushy came relatively close to summer time flavor but IMO still not good enough to be bothered. Again I am sure all of us are stuck only with a regular home freezer.
    Now a "flash" freezer might give you something much better or how about this?????? Liquid Nitrogen!!! I would love to get my hands on some of that and try doing a flash freeze with it. That might be the cat's pajamas

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