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Thread: Shredding pork butt earlier or later for dinner?

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    Shredding pork butt earlier or later for dinner?

    I have a party around 3 today. I planned out my cook so that I'd be finished (relatively) closer to the time, but it appears that my butts will be done in about the next half hour or so.

    Would it be best to keep the butts whole (as best I can) and wrapped in foil, and kept on the warming setting in the oven and then shredded just prior to everyone arriving, or would it be best to shred the pork after it comes off, then covered in foil and kept warm? I've never had this "problem" before.

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    Id keep them whole wrapped in foil in a cooler and shred when its time to serve.

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    What the temp in the warming setting?
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    I agree with Dustin!
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