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Thread: Griddle for weber kettle?

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    Griddle for weber kettle?

    My brother has 22.5 and 26.75 Weber kettles, I think he'd like a griddle for XMAS. Does anyone make one for these grills? Didn't see anything on the Weber site.


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    I have this one and highly recommend it. Use it on the Performer and the Genesis.
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    Here's the one I use:

    If you're looking for something that replaces the actual kettle grate, consider the Weber GBS + griddle insert:

    Or the Craycort system with optional griddle insert(s):

    Or something like the Arteflame:

    Or even the MoJoe Griddle:

    The thing is, not all of these work with both 22.5" and 26" kettles. That's why something like the Lodge griddle is a great compromise, it's not grill-specific and works in charcoal grills, gas grills, or even on the stovetop.

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    Hey Jim,

    I would go for a simple cast iron griddle (e.g. Lodge) you can move it from kettle to kettle.
    I use one for smashed burgers. Just on top of the org grate.

    Or you you can get maybe one of those systems. Craycort.
    I use one for different purposes. You can substitute each quarter with a griddle or other cool stuff.

    BTW. The best griddle was made by Weber (#8431). Weber discontinued it in 2011. It's rare and hard to get but it's super cool if you have one. :-)
    -> Try to google "Weber 8431' to see how cool the Weber griddle was (is).
    Regards, Jan
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    Jim... Here's a few more options for you to consider. I really like the Ballistic Griddle. You can see it on the link Jan provided or here. I would definitely have this one if I hadn't already purchased my Kettle Q a few year ago. If you need an acre of griddle space there is the Mojoe that also fits on the Weber 22" kettle. Good luck.
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    If you can befriend someone that operates a burn table, an Arteflame is a cinch to cut out although it would take special software to re-create the center cutouts. The scale would need to be removed from the 1/4" carbon steel before using.

    I could have made a killing burning those things out of scrap metal with zero costs for material.
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