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Thread: BGE Adapt-adamper PID settings and tuning

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    BGE Adapt-adamper PID settings and tuning

    New to the project and the forums - great project and a great kit.

    New setup on a Large BGE and I have it holding temp really well, but I know it can be more efficient based on some others graphs. You can see in my screen caps the overall temp is a little "jittery" and the output remains around 60%. During this period, the damper also stays open the whole time. The fan spins infrequently very low RPM. It is nearing expiration of my fuel so the fan is staying on to maintain and the output is moving a little more. This was about a half basket of lump charcoal and it's going on 11 hours total. I plugged the controller in after it was already up to around 240. While it is doing a great job, I believe I can get a longer burn if I were using the damper more and the fan less. Based on the info below, what recommended changes would you make to bring the output % down and drop the jitter level? TIA.


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    I would say that looks pretty good already, you'll probably have a hard time getting that last bit out. If you'd like to try, hit the letter 'P' on the keyboard when you're logged in on that main page and it will bring up the pid internals display. Then just watch and see which of the 3 components is generating the most variation and reduce that value. If it is the temperature that's bouncing around so much that the controller is reacting badly, then figure that out first (via noise reduction filter or power supply).

    To use more damper and less fan, just open the top vent on the BGE a bit more until the fan stops running and the HeaterMeter damper starts to choke off that extra airflow. You'll want to do this before you tune any further, because the damper reacts much more slowly to temperature changes so the PID values can be quite different. You need to find that middle ground where it works acceptably in both modes (damper only and fan assist) and you might already be there.
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