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Thread: Part of a WSM ... try and complete or pass on??

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    Part of a WSM ... try to make it whole or pass it on... suggestions?

    Hi. I already have a 15 year old WSM 18.5 that I use occasionally, and just the other day I was at a local Goodwill and was surprised to see the center section of a WSM 14(.5?)! Fully assembled with one grate, door, and the water bowl. I of course spent another 10 minutes scouring the store for the rest of it, with no luck. Seemed odd someone would only donate a middle section... but maybe some clueless employee (or shopper) fit the top and bottom together thinking it was a grill?? The center's in good shape and not too lined with residue. I'd guess the previous owners tried it out a few times and moved on. Maybe keeping the top and bottom just for a makeshift grill like I was thinking.

    At any rate, I'm now the owner of a WSM 14.5" center. My first thought was it's probably not worth it to try and buy the needed parts new vs just buying a whole used 14.5". So then what... would this be usable with a smokey joe (14")? Or some other grill for that matter? Obviously the measurements would have to be close as a gap really isn't a good option. I also know they're not designed quite the same, but thought it might be close enough I could try out a semi-WSM 14.5 for cheap. Anyway, I came here hoping someone may have tried looking for a cheap replacement in the past and come up with some answers.

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    It would cost less to buy a used or even new 14.5. However, you will end up with an extra center section. While the base will fit a a SJ bottom, the lid from a SJ will not.

    You could sell it to someone who wants a stacker for their 14.5.
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