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Thread: Greetings

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    Was going to try a chicken again but being the fall season turkey is cheaper than chicken so I will do that sometime next week when it thaws out. I also can't find a chicken less than 6 pounds which was what I smoked last time and it came out fine. On the temp, do you think your probe is off or do you just like your bird cooked longer?

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    I don't think my probe is off. It's a thermoworks thermo pen. It might be I'm checkin the temp of 10 pieces of chicken,and the fire starts to flare up and things are just too hectic. I would rather have it over done,than not done enough

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    Welcome, Mark H. FL. Thanks for sharing.

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    The Basic Chicken recipe mentioned by Mark pre-dates the Hot & Fast Chicken recipe.

    The Basic recipe is designed to help a new user get a success under their belt. It uses an empty water pan, the chicken is cooked skin side up on the top grate and never turned, you build a hot fire with vents wide open, don't worry about the cooker temp, and cook the chicken to the right internal temp, then remove the middle section and move the cooking grate directly over the hot coals, turn the chicken skin side down, and "crisp" the skin.

    The Hot & Fast recipe removes the water pan and starts the chicken skin side down for 30 minutes over the hottest fire you can build, then flips the chicken for another 15-30 minutes until cooked to the right internal temp. It's actually easier than "basic" chicken and probably should replace the basic recipe.

    "Crispy" is something we rarely, if ever, achieve in the WSM no matter the method...and I should probably not use that term when writing these articles.

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