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Thread: Throw away all of your thermometers - Meet the Meatrix

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    Throw away all of your thermometers - Meet the Meatrix

    Found a advertisement in one of my subscribed emails for the Meatrix.

    I don't really know much about it, but it is new.

    Here is a link -

    and here is another one -

    Found an Amazon link -

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    That seems a little over the top.
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    The Amazon page claims chicken breasts "twice as juicy". I couldn't help wondering exactly how one would measure that.

    One thing that does seem potentially interesting is that food safety is more about time spent at or above a certain temperature to ensure pathogens have been reduced to a safe level. The typical "done" temps, like 165F in the breast for turkey, are fail safe temps that ensure safety. For instance, five seconds at 165F ensures safety, but so does 15 minutes at 150F, or 30 minutes at 140F, and so on. (Don't go by those times and temps, I'm just pulling them out of the air for illustration.) So a device that records cumulative temp and time could theoretically allow you to safely pull meat off the heat at considerably lower temps than normal, retaining much more moisture than with conventional methods of checking for done. I still find "twice as juicy" unlikely, but I do know that since I've adapted this basic approach I've never had a dried out turkey.

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    Kind of makes you go “Hmmm!”
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    OK I'll do it.......................HMMMMM

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