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Thread: Replacement regulator for Baby Q (Q100)

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    Replacement regulator for Baby Q (Q100)

    The regulator has failed on my Q100 and I was wondering if anyone has found a replacement besides the $50 regulator and control valve from Weber? The control valve is fine and I really don't want to spend $50 when all I need is a $10 regulator.


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    Check out FleaBay. I see them for as little as $30 at times

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    Mike: I will assume you are correct in that the regulator is actually bad and it isn't another problem.

    Do you run the grill off a small 1lb cylinder or do you run it off a 20lb bulk tank. If you run it off a big tank, which I suggest you do if you don't plan to move it around a lot, then you can buy a $13 hose and regulator to replace it with.

    Another option is to look for a used Q1xx or Q2xx to steal the regulator from. You can commonly find them used for well under $50.
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    Does it leak ? Use a green bottle to test. Otherwise, make sure the inlet Schrader valve is good. Also check the outlet port to make sure it is not plugged up. Have found all three to be issues.

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