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Thread: First turkey - have questions (brine, inject, or both?)

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    First turkey - have questions (brine, inject, or both?)

    14+ lb bird, self-basting. Plan to do the VWBB butterball brine (low salt) tonight for start of cook around 11am tomorrow. Aiming for 300-325 degrees at 15-20 mins per lb with Apple chunks. Reading different methods regarding injecting, etc. so I bought some Timy Sachere’s Creole Butter. Would that be overkill to inject it before putting it on the smoker, in addition to the brine?
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    I would be inclined to spread it just under the skin and not injected into the meat.

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    Brine and rub, skip injection. I've done this only a few times, but I'll swear by it and I'm a fan of Tony's injections. You can't go wrong that way, but I'll also encourage you to experiment.
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