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Thread: Turkey Breast Cooking Time and Method

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    Turkey Breast Cooking Time and Method

    Going to do just a turkey breast for Thanksgiving. Looking for easy does it as I have never done one on my 14” and just want low stress. So I read Chris’ cooking section where he did two bone in breasts. Mine will be just a bit different in that my breast is enhanced (15% solution Honeysuckle White) and I’m only doing one. In the cooking section, Chris does his at 325 and it takes about 1-1/2 hours. I was thinking of the following:

    Load the charcoal (lump) pretty full. Start about half a small Weber chimney and pour that on top. Kind of like a minion start with an extra hot start. Open all vents, no water in a foiled pan and just let it rip. I figure it will run close enough to 325-350 but if it goes over, I’ll close down some vents. If it doesn’t get to 325, I’ll leave it alone as long as it’s hot enough and just plan on more time. One goal is to not have to reload. Planning on 2 hours with a rest the entire time might be a bit longer. FWIW, no one cares about the skin. I’m sure it will look good, but we don’t eat it. Just looking for moist white meat.

    See any problems with my thinking? Wish me luck.
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