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Thread: Help with Standing Rib Eye Roasts.

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    Help with Standing Rib Eye Roasts.

    I am smoking two rib eye roasts on thanksgiving and wanted everyone’s input regarding the cook.

    The first one is an 8# and the second is 5#. My question is: Do I treat it as a 13# cook as far as typical cook times at 225deg.? Or, estimate the time according to their individual weights? If I need to treat them independently how do I get them to finish roughly around the same time?

    Thanks for your input....
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    Four potatoes take the same time to cook as one. So.... each roast cooks independently. Don’t let them touch each other.

    If if you want them finished at the same time, put the big one on first. Put the smaller one on when the time remaining is how long it takes to cook it.

    Cooking at 225, right before they are done, I might take them off, crank up the heat, put them back on to give them a nice sear.

    Good luck.
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    I'm a little late, but it's been my experience that with something roughly cylindrical like a rib roast the cook time depends more on the diameter of the cylinder than on its length or total volume (or weight). If the 8# one is about the same diameter as the 5# but just a couple ribs longer, I suspect both roasts will be ready at roughly the same time. If the 8# has a larger diameter, then it will definitely take longer to cook to the same doneness.

    Last year at Christmas I estimated my cooking time based on weight and ended up pulling the roast about two hours before I expected because estimating the time depends on shape as well as weight.

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    How did they turn out?

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