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Thread: Yet Another NorCaler...

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    Yet Another NorCaler...

    Hello All,

    Thank you for allowing me to join in from the "real" NorCal area (i.e., north of Sacramento ! Chris, you might not like this, but in addition to having a Kettle, Genesis 2000 Redtop (rebuilt) and S-330 with all the goodies, there is an S-470 Summit enroute which will be parked next to, uh... a Mak 2 Star General for smoking rather a WSM. Hope you don't hold that against me. The Mak is an awesome smoker and made right here in our great USA (which was also a contributing factor in choosing the S-330 & S-470).

    I look forward to reading the insights of other Weber users and very much appreciate the efforts of Chris and everyone associated with maintaining this wonderful resource for our mutual benefit!

    Cheers & great grilling!


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    Welcome Victor! You are just about as north as you can get (apologies to our friends in Yreka and Crescent City). And no, I won't hold that Mak grill against you, it's a fine should be at 9x the price of a WSM!


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