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Thread: Kingsford Blue at Target in Exton, PA

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    Kingsford Blue at Target in Exton, PA

    I just picked up (11) 15 lb bags because they were on sale for $2.38 per bag. The manager said there were more in the back.
    ........Summit Grill Center... Not quite the same but close

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    They had a skid of them here at the Portage, MI. Store too, one last chimney with a small dent that I picked until for $4.00!
    I’m done buying pretty much anything for the grilling stations.
    A brand new “Blain’s Farm and Fleet” was having their grand opening so, I managed to last about fifteen minutes in there before I was feeling “over crowded” so, I got a tank cover in there and a couple of other things and got the heck out!
    Glad to be home!
    Now, I need to light off the fireplace and the kettle and start some birds spinning!
    Distinguebant Sed, Ignoret In Particulari!
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