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Thread: Great forum and website! Glad to be a part of it.

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    Great forum and website! Glad to be a part of it.

    I've been smoking meat for about 18yrs now but I'm no professional by any stretch of the imagination. Average maybe 8 to 10 smokes per year. I live in Maine, so winter really puts a damper on things. Add to that a child that is into every Rec sport going, and my free time is limited.

    I started out with a Brinkkman Gourmet charcoal vertical smoker that was given to me. It was a Marlboro Miles reward that they didn't use. It was a decent smoker but had no bottom vent adjustment and a horrible lid thermometer. It took some trial and error to learn how to keep that thing in the 225/250 range. It definitely was a learning experience but I made some decent BBQ on that sucker.

    After the "Red Rocket" rusted out a couple years ago, I bought a 18.5 WSM. What a difference! I was amazed by the amount of control and consistancy the Weber provided. It was so simple after fighting with the Brinkkman for so many years. I've cooked ribs, pork butt, roasted chicken, smoked turkey, beef jerkey, and tri tip on it so far. So versitile it's crazy!

    So here I am, to pick your brains. I'm basically self taught but have been searching the web(obviously) for new information.

    Thanks for having me.


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    Welcome Nate, thanks for joining us!


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    Glad you have found the forum! I’ve certainly learned a lot here, I trust you will too!
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    Welcome to the forum Nate, a bunch of really nice people here with vast knowledge their willing to share. I also have an 18.5 WSM which I'm very happy with along with 9 other Weber's.
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    Welcome aboard Nate. I did a 2 year tour at NAS Brunswick long time ago and you're not kidding about the winters. Glad you like the WSM and you'll find a bunch of helpful folks here more than willing to help. Hope you stick around and share your experience.
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    Welcome, Nate!
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    Welcome Nate, this is a great forum and a great place to get awesome recipes. Like Rich said we have an 18.5 plus the other Weber's.
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