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Thread: Operation BBQ Relief

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    Operation BBQ Relief

    Did the team make a trip to the east coast this year?
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    Yes. They just returned from Wilmington, NC for the Hurricane Florence deployment and have now prepositioned themselves for the upcoming Hurricane Michael deployment !

    They posted this on the morning of September 30th...

    Morning safety meeting. We have already processed 7,100 meals for lunch today. Only doing a lunch service today.
    Tomorrow Monday Oct 1 will be our last meal service for the deployment. We will need volunteers through Tuesday and Wednesday to load and clean all the equipment. Thank you to all who have supported us over the last 2 weeks.

    Saturday Meal Total - 10,050
    Deployment Meal Total - 307,475
    Total Meals since 2011 - 2,087,850
    KCBS, SCA, Operation BBQ Relief

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    Fantastic organization. I know a guy that helps them out. Good folks.

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