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Thread: Hello from Pleasant View, TN

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    Hello from Pleasant View, TN

    Hi All! Larry here. I have been grilling and cooking out since I was in college in the 80’s. In 2006 I started wanting to do competitions. I started with a Brinkman Smoking Pit offset smoker from Walmart and a $40 bullet smoker from Lowe’s. Buy some crazy fate we finished 6th in chicken the first time out. Thus a new addiction began. The team name was Big Blue BBQ. That is why I had to have the blue Kettle.

    I now have a Jack’s Old South Patio cooker I bought from Myron after attending a cooking class at his house, a Traeger 075, WSM 18.5 and 22.5, and a blue Weber Kettle Gold. I also have a gasser for burgers and dogs when some semblance of our 4 kids and 12 grandkids come over.

    I am fairly good with the 18.5 but can’t get a really long burn with the 22.5. No modifications to either WSM.

    Looking at the forum there are a lot of folks here a lot smarter about these than me. I love my stick burner but sometime like the ease of WSM’s.

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    Welcome Larry, and enjoy the forum.

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    Welcome aboard Larry. It's nice to see an experienced cook join our ranks. Feel free to ask questions and share your experience with us.
    Old dog, learning new tricks - one cook at a time :-). -14.5" and 18.5" WSM, SS Performer, CB Rotisserie, Rec Tec Mini Pellet Grill

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    Hi Larry..I'm a complete newby so I'll be anxious to hear of your exploits and any tips/tricks.

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