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Thread: Turkey Talk Now Open for 2018!

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    Here's a cider/maple brine I pulled up awhile ago will either do this one or Weber's Brined and Barbecued Turkey with Pan Gravy which I've done before and is very good. The first one will keep you busy for awhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT Wilson View Post
    I did a creole injection and seasoning last year and my family thought it was the best turkey they'd ever had. I could do that again but sort of want to try something different. Do the brine recipes work for injecting as well?
    Depends if it's a fresh or pre-pumped bird, salt content would be my concern.

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    Rich, the first one you linked is one I have done, more or less a couple of years back thanks for pushing that to the front for me again!
    The one from Weber looks pretty good too, a little simpler brine but, I remember the other one being really well received!
    Something to consider to be sure.
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