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Thread: Dodged a bullet

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    Dodged a bullet

    To make a long story short: I set up the WSM (with Stoker) for an overnight smoke of two pork butts. I soon realized that the cook temperature, which was supposed to be set for 250, had passed 275 and the blower was still running full blast. I had somehow managed to associate the blower with the meat probe instead of the fire probe. If I hadn't noticed, the blower would have continued to run wide open until the meat reached 200 degrees, or a grease fire (or meltdown) occurred, whichever came first. Imagine a pork butt with no smoke ring, but bark three inches thick.

    Lesson learned: always double-check the settings before lighting the fire.
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    Good reminder ! Thanks !
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    I just got a new Stoker and had to assign all the blowers/probes, etc. Once setup you almost never have to do this again but I can easily see how that happened to you if your were significantly changing your setup. Glad you got the save!

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