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Thread: Oklahoma > Edmond: Texlahoma Barbecue

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    Oklahoma > Edmond: Texlahoma Barbecue

    Texlahoma Barbecue
    121 E Waterloo Rd
    Edmond, OK 73034

    Made a trip to a barbecue joint in Edmond, OK .......... called Texlahoma , which also btw, was the proposed name for a new state pre WW II . The idea was to combine 46 Texas counties with 23 western Oklahoma counties and form the 49th state, Texlahoma. The capitol would've been Amarillo. Hey, it was an idea

    Texlahoma, the barbecue joint, is located off the beaten path north of Edmond, which is north of OKC, which for me meant about 35 minute drive. I've had this visit planned for weeks, so even though the entire state is getting drenched in rain from a tropical weather system, I headed north. The 35 minute drive turned into an hour.

    But it was well worth it. I found some great brisket and the ribs were way above average. I ordered 1/2# of brisket and three ribs, Mrs Dollar ordered the pulled pork, beans, and a salad. And after getting a taste of the beans, I got a side of my own. They tasted a lot like Ranch Style beans with maybe some jalapeno and some other flavors I could not identify.

    I got brisket flat in 1/4" slices and it was almost cooked perfectly, it fell apart just a bit too easily but it was delicious. Which great brisket is really what I expected when I went to a joint with Texas halfway in the name. I was looking for Central Texas style brisket, and that's what I found. The pulled pork was average, it had a nice smoke ring and good bark, but the brisket was the deal. Ribs were excellent, had a sweet burst to them, that was really good.

    Texlahoma is well off the beaten path, but I'll find my way back, ASAP.

    I did not get a chance to ask about their pit, what kind of pit or where it was located, Texlahoma is in a strip shopping center. Which made me wonder where they kept the pit.

    I took this first pic from the parking place in front , through the windshield, was raining too hard to be out very long .

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    That place looks legit! Nice review!
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