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Thread: Source for WSM 22" custom straps? Lower water pan...

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    Source for WSM 22" custom straps? Lower water pan...

    I am interested in lowering my water pan and adding a 3rd shelf. I can take my exisiting straps to a local metal shop and likely get what I need done. But I am wondering if anyone knows of a source who does these already? I know lots of folks sell various mods (like lid hinges) so hoping someone does these? My googling has been unsuccesful....Thanks!


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    I've seen something on the cajun bandit site.

    I haven't looked real closely at it. The description isn't great.
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    If your handy you could do it yourself cheaper.

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    What I did on my 18 is measure halfway between the upper and lower grate, drill 1/4" hole through the smoker and strip. Add a stainless bolt just long enough to catch the standard grate and call it good. I think I used 3/4" long bolts. You need to angle the two bottom grates to get in but it is possible with food on them. You can also just cut the strap, lower and add a bolt on each side of the strap to keep them from twisting. Not worth it my eyes but hey most people won't drill holes in a brand new wsm either.
    If you want to lower the water pan get the hunsaker basket and plate and ditch the water pan. Then add hardware as i described above to catch the grates wherever you like them. JMO.
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    If one really wants more room in their 22" WSM, what member Peter Z did would be fantastic !
    While I have talked with Peter recently while judging a KCBS contest, I have not noticed him posting here anymore.

    Added : Peter added a second middle section, on top of his existing middle section. His had very decorative banding and large rivet work. A thing of beauty !
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