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Thread: Hello from The Hawkeye State!

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    The Hawkeye State

    Hello from The Hawkeye State!

    Hey guys, Craw here from the great state of Iowa. Go Hawks!

    Long time (on and off) lurker, but I thought I would finally register and introduce myself. This is a incredible resource for us outdoor cooking enthusiasts, and I hope I can share a little bit of my knowledge/advice with all of you. Cheers!

    My main reason for registering is to ask some Vortex wing recipe questions. My bro-in-law just used it for the first time last weekend on some wings and a beer-can-chicken (we set it up wrong - rookie mistake, but it came out great), and the wings were also great, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever used a simple salt brine on the wings before cooking them w/ the Vortex. To make them more crispy - like a fried wing.

    I've used this recipe before (love it!) with the oven and gaser, but I didn't know if I would be out kicking my coverage here w/ a brine coupled w/ the Vortex. Link:

    Pics, because we all like pics, from last weekend's cook:



    And some WSM Ribs:

    The holy trinity:

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    Welcome! Your pics look great!

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