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Thread: Need Advice for my First Overnight Cook

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    Need Advice for my First Overnight Cook


    After a summer of figuring out the basics of my 18" WSM, I think I'm ready for my first overnight cook.

    It's going to be a brisket. Won't know the exact size until I can swing by a supplier and pick on up on Saturday. My plan is to start it in the evening, timing as best I can to hit the stall about when I wake up in the morning, at which time I plan to wrap with butcher paper.

    When it finishes, I'm going to follow advice that I got on another thread and let it come back down to 140 before I wrap it in foil and store in a cooler. If all goes well, I'll let it rest for about four hours before carving and serving.

    To monitor the temperature overnight, I'm going to be using my BBQ Guru CyberQ. Based on prior experience, that should keep me "in the zone" until morning, where I may or may not refuel. My phone will probably stay at my side all night, so I can check on things whenever I wake up--but based on prior performance of my set-up, I don't expect to have to tend the fire. I hope.

    Anyone got any advice for an overnighter that I may not have considered? Any "wish I would haves" or "should haves" that folks think I should know based on their experience?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You didn't say what pit temp you were going for, but a full chamber of charcoal should easily go 8 hours. I usually put briskets on at around midnight and check them at 7:00 or 8:00 am. Make sure your fire is stabilized and you can sleep worry free. When you read your temps in the morning, you can make your wrapping and timing decisions from there.

    When it's tender let it cool to about 170-175 -- it will stop cooking at that temp -- and foil it for the cooler. 140 is "serving temp" and you don't want it to fall below that for very long or you'll be in the danger zone.

    Overnight is the only way I do briskets anymore. The only advice I can give is to make sure your fire and pit temp are stable before you hit the sack.

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    As I have seasoned more, I find that ten has worked out for my sleep cycle as a start time. I go side ignition Minion method full heaped ring, no water.
    Light about nine thirty, button things up, fine tune vents and watch the remote monitor anytime I happen to wake up. Now and then, they need tweaking but, if I don’t have wind or rain to contend with I’ve not had too many hurdles. Then, next day just watch temperatures (pit and meat) I don’t wrap until probe tender then allow the temperature to “break” 180-170, dbl foil two towels, cooler.
    While it rests, clean up the grates, shut down the smoker, crack a beverage and celebrate another successful cook! Sometimes I break down the WSM, shovel hot coal into the kettle for sides like bacon wrapped tater tots, mushroom caps, wings, sausages, sweet potatoes, etc.
    Jeff is absolutely right, 140 is the edge of the “danger zone” so, wrap at 170ish and you should be fine.
    Where are you? Maybe I should come and test?
    Have a wonderful feast!
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    As everyone else said when you take the brisket off, vent it until it hits 170 not 140 and then wrap back up and put in the cooler. Ideally you want to slice it at 140.
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