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Thread: Football and Fajitas

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    Football and Fajitas

    Rehab projects have had me so busy, I have not been able to
    post any pics of actual cooking, but opening weekend of the NFL
    was a good time to do so .......Nothing special, just some fajitas
    in the comal, cooked on my favorite redhead ..... and had to
    show off my Chiefs Smokey Joe in the process ....

    E330 1997 Genesis 1000 Blue Performer wsm22 :wsm18: :wsm14: 1983 Red Head Chiefs NFL Edition

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    I love your set-up, Dave! Everything looks outstanding. How does the comal do on the grill? Might be my next purchase. Btw, good win for your Chiefs yesterday.

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    I don't know what looks better, your fajitas or those kettles! Love the SJ NFL addition. I have a Niners version of same that I've had for around 25 years.
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