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Thread: How thirsty are the 22s?

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    I love my 18.5" WSM and it doesn't use much fuel. The only time I prefer 22.5" (which I have with my Performer and Smoke EZ extender) is when I'm cooking a large brisket. The 22.5" setup uses a little over 1 lb/hr. Not sure if that's considered "thirsty", but I always have several hundred pounds of charcoal from the sales so I really don't notice. My bil has a 22.5" WSM and doesn't seem concerned with fuel consumption.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lew View Post
    The 22.5" setup uses a little over 1 lb/hr.
    To your point, this is why I'm puzzled that the OP burned-through 14-15 lbs for 2 racks of ribs. But I don't have sufficient data in my logs to quantify an answer (I bought an 18 within a couple months of getting the 22, so I stopped using the 22 for 5-hour smokes). But I do have data to support a claim of having done shoulders in the 22" with less than an 18.6 lb bag of KBB.

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    I did a hot and fast brisket a few weeks ago in my 22WSM and I was pleasantly surprised how efficient it was. Plenty of charcoal left after shutting it down.
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