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Thread: Clay Saucer Cover vs. Steel Cover for better bark

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    Apr 2018

    Clay Saucer Cover vs. Steel Cover for better bark

    Does using a clay saucer to cover the water pan yield better bark results (brisket) vs. using a steel cover? Thank you.

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    TVWBB Diamond Member Dustin Dorsey's Avatar
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    May 2014
    Burkburnett, Tx
    I can't imagine that it makes a difference.
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    TVWBB All-Star Lew Newby's Avatar
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    Welcome to the Forum Jerry. I agree with Dustin.
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    I have used both. No difference.
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    TVWBB Platinum Member Timothy F. Lewis's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
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    What was your thought process in forming your question?
    Not being picky just curious.

    I canít see how it would have any effect on the end product.
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    TVWBB Hall of Fame timothy's Avatar
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    First of all, welcome to the forum!

    Depends what you call " better bark ".
    You can get that " Meteorite " black bark using water in the pan and going L&S or skip the water and foil the top of the pan, and cook at a higher heat like 275-300.
    Take that till you like the color.
    Bark ( to me) has more to do with the ingredients in the rub and the type of smoke-wood used.
    Hickory,Pecan give it a more blond look. Cherry adds a red color and Oak is always darker.
    If you want crunchy barky bark, then either the CS or that Aluminum pan you linked to will work.

    I like to mess around and experiment with different things, so your thought process is valid, but you need to decide which one works for you.

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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    I just recently bought the steel cover,after using a clay saucer for the last 9 months or so. I can't tell any difference so far as far as bark.
    One thing for sure though. The saucer is porous and obviously absorbs grease and smoke. Every time I use the steel saucer I have to clean grease off of the bottom which I didn't notice while using the clay saucer. I actually like the clay better but it was getting cracks and i didn't want to search the big box stores every time I need a new water pan cover.

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