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Thread: Tips from those who built a WSM cart

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    Tips from those who built a WSM cart

    I am starting to plan a build of a mobile cart/ wind block/ storage for my 22 and 14 WSM.

    For those who have built one, what features do you like and dislike? What would you have done different or added?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have a cart but with regard to a wind break I bought an inexpensive welding blanket from HF along with a few spring clamps. It works works well and folds up easily for storage. Just wrap it around the smoker, leave a little room for air and clamp in place. Unless you live in a particularly windy area I don't see the need for anything rigid/permanent. My two cents.

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    I used a old SS performer cart that was in bad shape and missing way to many parts. i replaced the lower shelf with cedar wood for a place for the 18.5 WSM to sit on but later replaced that with expanded metal, that being said I saw on here Rich D, use a old Weber gas grill with the plastic side tables this was a real good idea you get a cart with work tables, I also saw the same idea but the old grill had a side burner for lighting your charcoal. there are a few gas grills out there Weber or not that have burnt out fire boxes and with some cleaning,paint and storage / shelf for your WSM,JJ your are ready to go.
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