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Thread: Char siu sauce?

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    It's char siu. I've corrected the typos in this thread to avoid confusion and facilitate proper search indexing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BFletcher View Post
    Nice suggestion. Have any of these made it to Paprika with good success?
    Not yet but I'll have to import the my next cook from this cookbook. One of my favorite things is how easy it is, I was surprised at first at the small amount of sauce & marinade (usually ~2-3 T total each). I've been thinking about making something from that CB again over the last 2-3 months but haven't yet.
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    Hi All Another waste. My wife took one bite and her plate went into the garbage, she is VERY picky eater. She said it was fatty and not good tastesing.I should give up this Asian try with pork, was her comment. I used the Spare Rib Sauce.

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    Whatever sauce you choose, I would velvet ( tenderize) the protein first.

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