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Thread: NY Strip on the Q 1200

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    NY Strip on the Q 1200

    It has been a long time since I posted anything, but after watching the Fire Escape Griller on youtube I got motivated. What to do with a 3" NY Strip on a Wednesday night? Fire up the Q and cook it up.

    Warmed up the baby Q on high for few minutes.

    While Q is getting to temp, oil and season steak.

    Put Steak on grill.
    Every 3 minutes rotate then flip.

    Finish up using a quarter-size cookie sheet with a ss rack.

    Carve and serve.


    The family loved it. Even the wife thought it was one of best steaks she had in a while

    Next time I'll do a reverse sear.

    Happy Grilling
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    3" thick NY Strip. I call that a NY Roast. Gotta love it. I am gonna chop a Pork Tenderloin up right now so I can wrap them in bacon and season them to marinate over night.
    You got me motivated.
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    Nice! BTW reverse sear is not that great of a technique on a strip. They're too lean. I find ribeyes are the best for that technique because they have more fat and connective tissue

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