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Thread: Looking for people's thoughts on a potential Used Summit

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    Late to the party...

    I would avoid the current generation Summits completely. I know, I have two rusty hulks I am trying to figure out what to do with. One cost only $100 but wasn't worth it. Here's the firebox inside that you don't see unless you do some disassembly:

    Florida tin worms are the size of our imported Pythons:

    Regarding your Genesis II, I agree with the recommendations to contact Weber. I know these may not be perfect grills, but they ARE capable of better performance than you are experiencing. If you get that fixed, an upgrade to Weber's stainless bar grates would address your other issue. I don't think RCPlanebuyer is ready to start making these yet, and Weber's newest stainless bar grates actually look pretty good to me. (Not to rc standards, but certainly very adequate.)

    And, there are always GrillGrates (sorry, Larry) which ARE available for the Genesis II. They will give you a notably higher sear temperature than the other options.

    Best wishes on getting your grill to do what it should!!!
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    Yup, GrillGrates would be another option if you can't get the OEM stainless Weber hardware, for the grates anyway.
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    I just grilled these using only one burner. If you can’t sear there’s an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad R View Post
    Pass. Genesis ii is better built than the summit. Read up on rusting fireboxes. Keep an eye out for a 304SS from Bull, napoleon, DCS, etc. They pop up in that range.
    I'm working through the kinks on a Bull now. I would keep in mind anything you need to replace is probably gonna be expensive. Check it thoroughly and know what to look for. I've got mine working but it is bad with the flare-ups and hot spots. I've got the old style solid flavorizers. The newer ones are supposed to be better. Rather than drop $150 on new flavorizers, I'm installing grillgrates. Crossing my fingers this solves my issues.

    The body is great though. Very heavy and thick, non-magnetic stainless. A Summit made out of this stuff would be ideal.

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