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Thread: Smokemeister attachment for gas grills

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    SmokeMeister attachment for gas grills


    Anyone have any experience using this device to add smoke to their gas grill. I've been using the smoker insert in my Genesis E-310 (2007) to do ribs. I've added other smoking containers with only limited success. I think I lose too much heat while I am moving the wood chips/chunks around to keep the smoke going for extended time. This device has pretty good reviews on a few sites including Amazon. I've looked at alternatives for smoking: Egg, Pellet grill, and electric smoker boxes. All have their limitations and drawbacks. I want to keep the convenience of the Genesis especially since my patio space is limited and smoking represents about 10% of my grill use. I know many will say it is heresy to drill a hole in the firebox, but the benefits look worth the effort.
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